MIRACLES (A Father Jake Austin Mystery - Book 2)


A dying sister, a bleeding Virgin Mary statue, and a comatose infant in the intensive care unit.

     In Miracles, Father Jake Austin’s life is turned upside down by three intersecting plots that focus on the relationship between miracles and science, the clash of facts and faith, and the inexplicable production of unexpected miracles from disastrous events.

     As a priest, he counsels a young couple whose baby is in a coma but wonders whether he is dealing with an accident or child abuse.

     When his sister is hospitalized with leukemia, he assumes the role of caregiver for her child, as well as her bone marrow donor.

     Newspaper reports of miracles at a nearby parish draw Jake to St. Wenceslaus Church. When he arrives, he witnesses a statue weep blood, and his Bishop assigns the investigation to him.

     With each challenge, his faith is tested. One thing is for certain, Jake is not your conventional Catholic priest.

In praise of Miracles


“John Vanek writes from a place of unusual experience and expertise while bringing the reader into worlds of mystery, medicine, and religion — and the human connections that bridge them all. Father Jake Austin is an intriguing and emotionally compelling character.” - Michael Koryta,  New York Times bestselling author of How It Happened

“John A. Vanek deftly takes readers up to the high wire of difficult moral choices. Father Jake Austin’s search for a balance between science and faith will make you a fan of the series, the mystery genre, and physician-writer John Vanek.” - Martin Kohn, PhD, director, Program in Medical Humanities, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine  

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In praise of the Father Jake Austin Mystery Series: 


“The mystery is intriguing, with an edge of darkness that keeps things interesting.  The main character, Jake, is delectably complicated and conflicted.”InD’tale Magazine 


“Vanek's bittersweet novel will appeal to admirers of Julia Spencer-Fleming's clerical mysteries.”Library Journal 

"Author John Vanek brings G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown into the twenty-first century and sprinkles in hints of PBS's Grantchester. You will not be disappointed."  —  The Publish or Perish Writers 


“This mystery kept me guessing until the last clue had been discovered. John A. Vanek is definitely on my must-read list for anyone who enjoys the traditional mystery.” - Reader Views